Unibright NFT watches

300 uniquely numbered watches, 200 for sale - 5 different NFT's. Which one fits you?

How to get an NFT watch View the NFT collection on OpenSea

Watch the introduction video from Paul Snijder

Six stages of rarity

There are six stages of rarity, each distinguishable by the number on the back of the physical watch as well as the NFT.

Rarity stage Amount available
3 RARE 30
5 COMMON 100
6 GIFT 100

The Watch

Elegance, craftsmanship and nature’s best materials combined in a state-of-art wrist watch. Produced in a strictly limited number of 300 pieces.

Unique design

An exclusively developed wrist watch for Unibright, by HOT&TOT. Each and every single piece of these 300 watches is absolutely unique. Take a look at the dial, which is made from Turqoise Marble from Italy. Both the band and the case are decorated with American walnut wood.

Swiss precision

The green marble dial is protected with a sapphire crystal plate. The clock is precisely powered by a Swiss made Rhonda movement. Marine grade gunmetal steel tops it all off. And each watch comes in a handcrafted mahogany box.

Uniquely numbered

This is a one-time-only production. Strictly limited to just 300 pieces of which just 200 pieces will be available and linked to an NFT. Each watch is individually numbered. Grab your chance to own one of these very rare timepieces.

How to purchase and claim an NFT watch

How does the sale work? There are 4 rounds! Each round will last 3 days and will bring 50 NFT's for sale.

Since OpenSea on Polygon does not support an auction we will do the following:

Each NFT has a sale price which depends on the rarity. But you can also place a bid on the NFT. When the sale is over the highest bid will win, provided it is higher than the minimum price of 0.1 ETH.

If you want to be sure of the NFT (i.e. the watch), you can buy the NFT directly or make sure you are the highest bidder at the end!

PS we will take care of the shipping costs (thanks to the ENS airdrop πŸ™)

Step 1: buy / bid

Bid on (or buy) one of the available NFT's via OpenSea (using the Polygon Network).

Step 2: send

Transfer your NFT to our project wallet: ubtisvip.eth.

Step 3: connect

Connect to your wallet via MetaMask and complete the signature request.

Step 4: claim

You will be contacted by Jack to handle the shipment of the watch.


Did we already mentioned that all NFT profits will go the following charities? πŸ‘‡

Neuromove is an innovative non-profit training center for primary neurorehabilitation for people with spinal cord injury and other neurological disorders leading to paralysis.

Kolektivo redesigns the foundation on which local economies and communities are built by creating a complementary economic system driven by wellbeing.

The fundraising foundations of seven leading children's hospitals form the Children's Hospitals of Orange Foundation. They focus on better care and living/residence conditions for seriously ill children.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? We have the aswers.

  • Is this an official Unibright project?

    No, this is a UBT community project initiated by Jack Wiering (Director Unibright Benelux) with the help of a few long-time community members.

  • Who is the artist that created the NFT's?

    All NFT's are created by Paul Snijder. Paul is an extremely talented Dutch artist with a passion for 3D art, contempary art, cinematography and storytelling. Watch his introduction video about this project.

  • What is the address of the project wallet?

    The ERC20 wallet that we use for this project is: ubtisvip.eth.
    Or, if you rather prefer the hex value: 0xb484ffe9c1c40d799809e8fa81b46b715660f375.

  • How does the claiming process work?

    The claiming process of the physical watch consists of a few simple steps:

    1. once you have the NFT it needs to be transferred to our project wallet (ubtisvip.eth);
    2. when the transfer is successful you can start the claiming process by clicking on the pink button in the header and connecting with the same wallet (via MetaMask) that you used to purchase the NFT;
    3. after connecting you need to leave the transaction hash of the transfer as well as your email adress;
    4. upon submitting the form you will be asked to complete a signature request via MetaMask;
    5. if everything checks out you will be contacted by Jack to handle the shipment of the watch.

    Important: after you received the watch we will send the NFT back to your wallet!

  • Do I need to pay for the shipping costs?

    Nope. You don't have to worry about the shipping costs. We will take care of it for you! πŸ™

  • What happens with my NFT after I have sent it to the project wallet?

    Once you have claimed the physical watch and the shipment has been successful we will send the NFT back to your personal wallet. So you will still be the owner of the NFT eventually.

  • What is $UBT?

    $UBT is VIP πŸ™Œ

Due to popular demand we are already sold out! πŸŽ‰